The Relationship Between Master And Apprentice

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Or guide, instructor, mentor, etc. I really dont care what word you use to make yourself feel less…subservient .

This will be a continuation in some sense of my last entry. Commitment isnt the only thing lacking. People dont know the obligation, responsibility, or even what it means to be a student under someone.

I will use martial arts as an example seeing as I have just begun a new one.

I dont know Brazilian jiu-jitsu, well, I know a little, as I have been there five months, but I know that I am woefully ignorant of the art as a whole. How, you ask? Simple, I get tapped out, choked out, and submitted on a very regular basis(as I am commited, haha.) There is not arguing against empirical evidence of your ignorance.

I sought a…dare I use the word? Master, because I knew this. I am not new to martial arts by any stretch. Still, there are aspects of them that I have not even scratched the surface on, and I am more than honest enough with myself to admit when I need to seek instruction.

In doing so, in becoming a student, you have yo give up a portion of your decision making, not all, do not follow anyone, or anything blindly, however I in a a very real sense have given over a portion of my individuality to be molded ( with my help of course) to my instructor.

You see, he has knowledge I do not, and to gain that knowledge, to harness it and use it as my own, I have to let him guide me in what to do. Doesnt really matter what I think, until I am the one tapping him out, its obvious what I “think” isnt really as good as what he “knows”.

The Dark path is very individualistic, and that is a good thing, however when it comes to being a student, I have noticed an inability to surrender part of oneself to the guide, and in those cases it has been done(Miles, a fellow Dark practitioner, has shown this to be true) the results have been very positive.

However, most students, at every turn, do not show firstly, the commitment necessary, but past that, the willingness to be a student, to put trust in the guide that they well, can guide.

I know, trust in the Dark side? Well certainly. Did not Zannah trust that Bane could make her a Lord of the Sith? Did she not study his lessons,etc, take his advice on which direction to focus her talents?

Trust, as I am putting it is not in the whole of the person, but at least in ones abilities, as I do my instructors( as I said, I cannot really argue at this point, he can kick my ass, as he has shown, pretty much at will.) Without this trust in the guide that they know where they are going, well, the student will simply not follow.

Of course there is also the simple fact that people cannot be students because it chafed to be under someone elses thumb. To which I gladly state, man the fuck up and get the sand out of your vagina. Consider it a sacrifice for your goals if you must, but an individual must be willing to put in the work, trust, and surrender a bit to make true gains. Its as simple as that, if you cant, you dont progress.

So instead, we have students in the Dark path that cant commit, and cannot truly enter the students realm. One where they do not have complete control, however, if you thought you were up to that task, of complete control, what the fuck are you seeking out a master,guide, mentor, etc for in the first place?

The relationship between master and apprentice is one of trust, trust at least in the aspect that the student trusts the master has what the student does not, but can give it to them. The Master, will give the student what they are trying to achieve to the best of there abilities. Of course, the Master is trusting that the Apprentice will commit to the relationship, and be willing to share there a portion of there decision making, of there individuality to the master to help in the molding.

Its something that is created together, it is a collaboration to forge an individual in a crucible that will help them realize there maximum potential.

Grow up, and realize that being an individual is not a given, you have to earn it, work for it, make it happen. Realize also that becoming an individual, reaching that stage, realizing your potential is something you cant do alone.

Solus sum my ass. Thats just an excuse to not have get out of your comfort zone.


Be Consumed By Your Passion

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About five months ago I stopped teaching at my own dojo, leaving it in the capable hands of my partner and started down a different martial path. I decided to start taking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and, having gone through previous journeys in different martial arts, I knew that the commitment required of me would be substantial, and with everything else going on in my life, I simply could not juggle the two.

So I have been going to this school four, to five times a week for about two hours a class, give or take. It has been an interesting journey thus far, one that has reaped alot of rewards in simple observation of my character, as well as more physical attributes.

The first step of course, is stepping out of ones comfort zone. For a long time I have been the sensei, and co-owner of my own school, and I had to start over very much from the beginning, and of course there is the unfamiliarity of the individuals you will meet, etc, as well as a martial art I am not completely familiar with.

Students, as I have met them on the Dark path, with a few exceptions, (those exceptions have usually been the ones to stand out) are very passive students at best. Flash in the pan of passion, but no follow through. No commitment, with plenty of excuses that “real life” ( one of the most silly statements I have ever heard) has gotten in the way. I myself have plenty of responsibility in my life, but like taking a martial art( an assured, 10 year at the very least journey to instructor capacity, or black belt, and please save the shit about belts not meaning anything) it will require commitment. More pointedly consistent commitment, to gain skill, adeptness, etc in this one specific martial art.

Consistent commitment is what is lacking in students, and really, no matter what clever excuses are given about “real life” if you cannot commit a bit of time to your path in terms of typing your progress, then how much are you really doing in your “real life”? Probably not much, and the internet has a way of insulating one against acknowledgement of failure. Instead it is the same tedious brief re-kindlings of passion that fade just as quickly in a never ending circle.

Darkness, hell, most anything, requires more than your idle interest, especially if you want to get good at something. Passion of individuals today is like there souls, pale and transparent.  There is no drive, no willingness to sacrifice, no relentless pursuit of ones interests.

Passion has for most,become passive, sedentary…something people entertain in there own sweet time. Never realizing that you may not even have another hour of life on this planet.

If, in the course of chasing your passions you cannot, or have not had to sacrifice something, give up something, actually feel the friction of maintaining your passion in your “real life”, then what you are describing is not passion.

Presently, those who dwell in the Darkness lack a commitment to there passion, a consistent devotion to ones self and path. Instead, they will “get around to it eventually.”

Whatever happened to being driven, to needing, to wanting something so fucking bad that it hurts without it?

Now people just pay lip service to passion… I doubt they have ever really felt it, or Darkness at all.

Pathetic really.

“You are neither cold nor hot. So because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth”.-Bill the Butcher

People say you shouldnt be consumed by your passion, I say, if you have not been consumed by it, it isnt passion at all.

Sith-centric = Fiction- centric?

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This is a response to an individual named Darth Stolas from the Order of the Sith.  I figured it might make a good blog post, at least for myself to look over.

Yes, I would certainly say there is a burden of proof to ones opinion to some extent. Or at least a logically followed argument, as I have said, reason married to ones passion.

Part of the reason I asked if people respect fictional Sith more than real Sith, is because this is a very real 15 year old path. With real people doing real work. Now, obviously the fiction will play a part, however this move toward…Sith-centric,and a removal from the Dawson-Creek Sith, as Ben put in his journal is not a logical, or even intelligent progression.

Certainly, we pale in comparison to the deeds of the fiction, and really we can never  compare, ever. Galactic emperor is a bit out of anyones reach.

However, it seems there is a desire to simply forget the very real work and history that now exists, in lieu of the fiction.

At what point is one not a slave to the fiction then?  How has fiction, certainly inspirational, certainly motivational, but how has fiction taken precedence over that which isnt?

At what point do we take pride and active control over the monster we have created?

How is anything we have done not Sith- centric?

We, are the Sith now, not bound to follow the fiction as if it is some religious text. We, create the path as we wish.

The fiction is/was a base, a foundation, but we can take this path anywhere we want.

Of course, if one wants to take it back to the fiction, I suppose thats fine, at least if there is reason to that passion to do so, a logical and useful, practical methodology.

However, if the fiction is some sort of chain, like a leash keeping one within a certain arc, just for the sake of being….Sith, as if the fiction should hold such sway over real individuals, is a bit ludicrous to me.

It is my hope, that one day people will follow the work of Miles, Irvine, or hell, even Moor( not a fan really, but whatever) as a base, a canon from which to draw. That Bane, Sidious, etc do not take precedence over those individuals and there work that truly make up our path.

That to me, is our real history, as deep, an broad, and potent as any fiction, and what makes the fiction so appealing.

As I have stated, were older than most of the fiction, even the Sith code itself. As such, where does the real Sith-centric methodology really begin?

Sith centric, and fiction centric, are not the same thing.

Passion and Reason

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I am all for passion. Certainly, its a cornerstone to my path, to the Sith path. However, I was always  agreeable to the notion of passion marrying reason. The Sith path, as it stands, is big on passion, and low on reason.

The culmination of my leaving the communities was the mention of a fictional prophecy( arent they all fiction) of a “perfect being” of the Sith, the Sith’ari. Interestingly enough it was mentioned that it was a practical notion. The only problem being that no one could actually follow a logical course of reason in regards to there passion on the subject.

In the Dark path, I would like to think we proceed from a place of passion, but we dont bullshit ourselves. Using words like practical, or perfect, does not make something so, and it seems as if logic and good reasoning skills give way to someone wanting something so bad that they will do or say anything to make it so. Making it a poor place to start from.

So I was left feeling a but like Sam Harris in this quote…


As such, any further conversation is moot,(as most of them become, more often before they start, since such is a common enough used excuse in the communities, isnt relativity grand?) as it isnt proceeding from evidence, or logic in conjunction with there passion. It has become increasingly so in the Dark path, all behind the excuse of individuality, but with no personal accountability or responsibility to oneself, to the path.

As anything that gets added to the path from that perspective is dung, plain and simple. It has not substance, its just passionate(and wishful) thinking.  I think people have forgotten the “burden of proof” and what it is to interact and debate each other.

Ironically, I have come closest to making a practical approach to the Sith’ari. I have left the Sith as a community, and in so doing have left them without a valued resource (me, and my work, and no, thats not just ego talking, I have seen the quality of the members, and there is only a few who have any) I have freed myself of the limitation is presents, I can remake it as I see fit, and well, destruction, as in the fiction, with the current processes I have seen will lead to destruction in the case at least of poor quality and a return to roleplaying bullshit. As such, like the fiction, i will allow them to destroy themselves.

Bane, left the Sith, took the Darth title, and went his own way to find his own path( which,was in many ways very practical.)

I see parallels, but I can make connections of logic, I dont need to make anything fit wishful thinking. I can marry passion and reason, which makes me uniquely singular amongst the Sith right now.

Still, doesnt make me the perfect being,but at least one thing is for certain, I have not lost sight of the path.

This will be the last post I give on the Sith community, or my leaving it.

When passion marries reason, the sleepers will awaken.


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I read somewhere that you should pick only those filters that enrich you. I have to be honest, online communities have not fit this criteria for me in quite some time. I dont necessarily blame the communities themselves, as I imagine there enriching someone, I just see very little proof of this fact.

That proof which I can measure, myself, it is definitely not a tool, a filter, or enrichment.

The biggest problem I see with the forums, is that no one is ever wrong. In martial arts, in sparring, if you get choked out, or submitted, you tap( or suffer serious consequences) and that means you did something wrong. There was an error in thinking, in action, etc. So you grow stronger from the conflict, as you tend to attempt to avoid those mistakes, and as such you improve.

In online forums, no one is wrong, all opinions are valid, and everyone is considered more or less equal( something I wonder at as a practice in the Dark side) Arguments usually end up on resting on ones individuality, as such everyone just in some way or another says “Thats just how I view it”.

So I have to wonder at the growth, or improvements in such sites, as you cant really argue against an answer any child could and would fall back on. No one has to see there ideas fail in any real way, as most of the time, in forums, there is no pressure testing it in life. Its just talk, philosophy in a void that means very little.

If you never have to be wrong, then you cant grow, and in forums, no one is wrong. That is not a filter of enrichment. Its not a filter at all, but a bubble, a safe zone of individual. personal opinion, and I am wondering, what exactly is being strengthened in that methodology?

Does your world get bigger? Or smaller?  With such a method. I dont know myself, but what I do know is that conflict serves no purpose without someone being defeated. Now, in the real world,especially my world in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you cant really deny your defeat. Stubborness to tap out ends with unconciousness and hyper-extended limbs.

However there really is no measure of defeat in the conflicts online, there is, as I have seen, clever( and not so clever) retreats back into oneself. So they avoid defeat( passion,strength, and victory, as well) However they also deny me growth in being wrong, or possibly right.

As anyone can say the sky is green and say thats there view, and really no one could convince you otherwise…but that is not actually dissecting, and pressure testing it.  You will just go on thinking your way, safe in your opinion,  and my opinion stagnates without proper challenge, it cant change, as the other party offers no resistance, and I cant be right, because the other party will not engage.

I also question what responsibility, and accountability exists in such a venue, however hiding in a comfort zone and masking it as productive conflict, is simply not something I can get behind.

With this knowledge I have decided that it is best to cut the cord on online forums. I dont know if it will be forever, but certainly for the time being. Perhaps, in time, it will again be a filter of enrichment for me.

Darkness may be about the individual, but that is a tired excuse in places where one comes deliberately to interact, challenge, and be challenged by others.

Such practice will only perpetuate weakness in the individual by denying the group. In so doing, both become weaker, with diminishing returns, as it has.


Passion And Sacrifice

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Passion And Sacrifice

“There is no such thing as a free lunch” Certainly, that quote is not new, and yet, I think many would like to pretend otherwise. In this show we explore the relationship between passion and sacrifice as it pertains to the Dark path. Are you truly willing to do what is required of you to get what you want out of this path?  Or are you spending more time trying to make sure you come through unscathed and intact?  To the victor goes the spoils and the victor knows the price of passion is sacrifice.


Darkness and the Individual

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Darkness and the Individual

“Darkness is about the individual” This quote by Richard Irvine changed the very nature of the Dark aspect as a path, with echoes that continue to this day. This one phrase is at one time the very essence of this paths power, but also the key to its most crippling weakness. In this episode,we explore this quote, what it is to be an individual, and how the individual comes to be, and the individuals place within the group.

Dissonance The Dark Aspect started as a podcast, and I have officially started it back up,, the most recent show  you can find the link for above. Here is the first of the new episodes, but you can find many more here…

Dissonance The Dark Aspect

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